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Helped recover more than $40 million for victims of medical malpractice.

Latona Law is a medical malpractice law firm located in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA. Our lawyers are experienced in recovering compensation for preventable catastrophic injuries caused by a medical error, medical malpractice, or medical negligence. We have helped recover millions for victims and their families and we never stop fighting for our clients. Medical negligence can cause injuries such as birth injury, stroke, heart attack, misdiagnosed cancer, and other injuries.

More than $40,000,000 recovered for victims in Luzerne, Lackawanna and surrounding counties


Medical malpractice cases such as misdiagnosis of a stroke


Birth Injury Lawsuits such as preventable cerebral palsy


Birth Injury

Is your child is newborn, or born up to 20 years ago, and suffered a birth injury?

Medical Malpractice

Did a medical provider delay ordering a test, misread a test, or inappropriately administer treatments?

Stroke & Heart Attack

Did doctors neglect to properly test and evaluate a loved one suffering from stroke-like symptoms?

Cancer Misdiagnosis

Did a doctor misdiagnose or not identify cancer until it was too late? 

Dedicated Medical Negligence Lawyer on Your Side

Every potential case is personally evaluated for a medical malpractice or negligence claim. We have spoken to thousands of individuals with regard to birth injury and malpractice cases in Luzerne, Lackawanna, and surrounding counties and are experienced in helping our clients cases make it to court and earn the compensation they deserve. When we accept a case it gets the personalized attention and resources necessary to win.

Medical errors kill over 200,000 people each year. Don’t be a victim and contact Latona Law to get the compensation you deserve for your physical and emotional stress. It’s important to know your rights and to know that you have someone on your side fighting for you day and night. Pick up the phone now and call Call (570) 825-9000 to get started on your path to recovery.

Medical Malpractice Cases We Handle:

General Medical Malpractice

Latona Law has been focused exclusively on these practice areas for over 15 years, recovering millions for permanent catastrophic injury or wrongful death victims. 

We always remember you are a person, not just another case.

Medical Malpractice Law Firm Testimonials

“Amazing attorney. Patiently listened to me and put us on the right path. Highly recommend.”

Charles Sammon, Wilkes-Barre

“Very personal and professional. Attorney Latona made it easier to get through a difficult time and fought hard for what was in our families best interest.”

Joe Wallace, Carbondale

The most professional and diligent firm I’ve ever worked with. I’d recommend Latona Law to anyone

Bob Moosic, Stroudsburg

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