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Latona Law has successfully defended Pennsylvania families in birth injury cases for 30+ years.

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Birth Injury Case Experience

At Latona Law, we have extensive experience in cases where medical negligence led to a birth injury, such as cerebral palsy. We have represented many Pennsylvania families in malpractice cases, including some that led to very large recoveries.

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We serve Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, Allentown/Bethlehem, Reading and all surrounding areas. Our case consultations begin with a brief phone conversation or online chat. The next step would be an in-person evaluation. A Latona Law attorney will come to a location of your choice, including home or the hospital. Day and evening appointments both available.

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From the moment you contact Latona Law, there is no cost to your family related to the birth injury case. Beyond the initial consultation being free, if we do not recover compensation, families are not responsible for any of the costs associated with the case.

The Resources to Fight for You

Latona Law will spare no expense, and leave no stone unturned, to help your family as much as possible. Our team offers access to leading doctors, medical experts and professionals that may be required to uncover any negligence or errors that occurred during the pregnancy or difficult delivery.


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Birth Injury Examples

Birth injuries are fairly rare, especially those caused by medical malpractice. But, as with all injuries, birth injuries tend to happen when they are least expected. Therefore, we have compiled a short list of some common birth injuries and situations in which they can occur.

  • The doctor delivers your baby prematurely. As a result, the baby suffers brain damage and needs special medical assistance for life.
  • A doctor fails to warn parents in the early stages of their child’s gestation that the baby has significant physical or mental defects that would require extensive medical care after birth. Had they known, the parents may have chosen not to continue the pregnancy.
  • A doctor forcibly wiggles a baby’s shoulders during delivery. As a result, the baby develops Erb’s palsy, a paralysis of nerves in the arm.
  • The delivering doctor fails to notice that an unborn baby is distressed in the womb. As a result, the baby is deprived of oxygen long enough to cause cerebral palsy. This is a permanent brain disorder that causes difficulty moving and controlling muscles. 

These are only a small handful of birth injury examples that can result from medical malpractice. At Latona Law, we manage a wide range of wrongful birth injury cases, including brain damage, broken bones, wrongful premature birth, cerebral palsy, and shoulder dystocia.

Experienced Birth Injury Lawyers

A newborn who is just beginning life should never have to suffer a sudden disadvantage due to the carelessness of a doctor or other medical provider during the delivery. In the legal community, any medical act that deviates from the generally accepted standard of care is known as negligence. And if it leads to injury, it is called malpractice.

Injuries caused by a doctor are terrible enough in adults, but when it happens to newborn babies, it is simply unacceptable. This is our view at Latona Law, and it is what has driven us to fight preventable birth injuries in Pennsylvania for more than 30 years.

If your new son or daughter was injured before or during birth, and you suspect doctoral malpractice might have been at work, we want to hear from you so we can fight to win you the financial compensation you need at this difficult time.

However, we first encourage you to familiarize yourself with some birth injuries examples so you know what to expect in this kind of situation.

Experienced Birth Injury Lawyers

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We understand that no new parents want to be in a situation where they need birth injury lawyers. But, as experienced attorneys who have worked in this industry for more than 30 years, we know how these things can surprise anyone, and we want you to be ready if it happens to you.

Contact Latona Law today to get started on your path to the financial compensation you need in the wake of a wrongful birth injury. Your consultation is free, and you will pay no fees until we win for you.