Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawsuits

Our cancer misdiagnosis attorneys have served Wilkes-Barre/Scranton for over 30 years. We specialize in all kinds of cancer-related lawsuits. We’ve worked with cases involving a delay in treatment of a patient’s cancer, misdiagnosis of cancer, or a failure to diagnose at all.
Over a million new cases of cancer occur each year and cancer misdiagnosis occurs much more common than you may be aware. If you have been a victim of cancer misdiagnosis, then you are entitled to compensation. We have helped recover millions for victims and victims’ families of cancer-related misdiagnosis.


Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorneys

Given the progressive nature of most cancers, detecting the disease early enough can help improve the long-term outlook of patients. For this reason, failure to properly diagnose cancers can be particularly devastating.

Cancer misdiagnosis can be attributed to:

A cancerous (malignant) tumor is identified as Non-cancerous (benign)
A cancerous lesion is missed in the biopsy procedure
Failure to refer a patient to a specialist for further testing
Misclassification as to type or mis-graded as to aggressiveness
Specimens are mishandled or improperly read or interpreted
Failure to follow up with patient if cancer should have been suspected
Failure to adequately screen an increased risk patient
Misunderstanding or failing to notice the nature of a patient’s complaints

Medical errors and misdiagnoses can cause a devastating and traumatic experience. Patients who are misdiagnosed are often subject to unnecessary and painful treatments. When it comes to a serious misdiagnosis such as cancer, it is important to confirm the misdiagnosis by seeking out second opinions and consulting specialists.

If you believe you are the victim of a medical error or misdiagnosis, you need an attorney immediately. Fortunately, the legal professionals at Latona Law, P.C., will fully evaluate your case, and determine if there is cause for trial.

Consequently, proving misdiagnosis as a form of medical malpractice involves difficult measures. Patients must prove that a doctor did not include the proper diagnosis as a possibility during the evaluation. Additionally, patients can also prove that they were not properly evaluated based on the symptoms they reported to their doctor. 

Proving negligence is hard, but not impossible. Our attorneys will work tirelessly to find out who was at fault for your misdiagnosis. Our consultation is free and we’re always in your corner.



$40,000,000+ recovered for victims of medical error in Luzerne and Lackawanna counties.


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