Lawsuits for Emergency Room Negligence

$40 million recovered for victims of medical malpractice

Emergency room errors are too often the cause of preventable catastrophic injuries such strokes and heart attacks. Every year, thousands of people suffer unnecessary consequences because of mistakes in the emergency room. Our medical negligence attorneys have been successful at helping recover compensation where an emergency room error occurred. 

A law firm that can help, when the emergency room didn’t.


Emergency room patients are typically in very serious and often life-threatening situations. Timely and effective care by doctors, nurses and emergency room staff is critical to the outcome. Unfortunately, several factors such as inadequate staffing, confusion, or a failure to listen to a patient’s complaints can lead to adverse results.

Patients who do not receive prompt medical treatment often suffer catastrophic injury or death. A lack of appropriate medical treatment may be considered medical negligence. If you believe you or a loved one did not receive necessary emergency room care or were the victim of negligent care, contact us today. The consultation and case review are free.

Latona Law Firm has successfully defended victims in catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases for over 30 years. Too many results from a lack of attention or appropriate care by healthcare providers in the emergency room. We understand that suing a hospital can seem intimidating. Contact Latona Law’s Pennsylvania medical malpractice attorneys today for your free consultation, and if you decide to pursue a claim there are no are costs or fees to you until we win. It pays to have an experienced team of attorneys on your side.

Our medical malpractice attorneys are experienced in dealing with cases resulting from emergency room negligence. There are many common situations where medical error occurs due to the negligence of healthcare providers, including:

Medication errors
Misevaluating head trauma
Unnecessary treatment delays
Misdiagnosis of a stroke or heart attack
Prematurely emergency room discharge
Misreading a test such as EKG, X-ray, or lab results

If you or a loved one feels that they may have been a victim of medical room negligence, then you can seek out compensation for any and all:

Loss of wages
Pain and emotional suffering
Medical bills sustained as a result of injury
Burial and funeral costs associated with death

Additionally, our team of attorneys can bring hospitals to justice in the hopes of preventing future accidents from occurring and encouraging more competent staffing and procedure.

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Over $40,000,000 recovered for victims of medical malpractice Luzerne, Lackawanna & surrounding counties.


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