Placental Abruption Medical Malpractice

Medical error during an emergency c-section can cause catastrophic birth injuries leading to cerebral palsy or other serious condition. We have helped families in Luzerne, Lackawanna and surrounding counties recover over $40,000,000 for victims of birth injury medical malpractice or other medical negligence. 

Experienced Placental Abruption Lawyers

Prior to the birth of a child the placenta may separate from the uterus.  The placental separation can be total or partial.  This may result in a deprivation of oxygen to the infant placing the infant at risk for conditions and injuries which can last a lifetime.  A placental abruption can even cause the death of the infant.  About 1% of pregnant women will experience a placental abruption.

If diagnosed and treated properly, sometimes the consequences of a placental abruption can be avoided. If you believe you or your child suffered an injury due to medical error when diagnosing or treating a placental abruption, have your case investigated by Latona Law’s birth injury attorneys.

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Cerebral Palsy Due To Placental Abruption

A placental abruption will cause an infant to lose oxygen.  A lack of oxygen may cause a brain injury which leads to Cerebral Palsy.  In addition, a stressful or traumatic delivery, labor which has gone far too long, the failure to perform a timely or emergency C-section can cause a brain injury or a brain injury resulting in Cerebral Palsy.

Every birth injury deserves to be investigated.

$20,000,000 recovered for victims of birth injury in Luzerne and Lackawanna counties alone.

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